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Hooray! At last Monsters Love Underpants has arrived! If you love the thought of not-so-scary monsters, running around in fancy pants – this is the book for you!

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Good news for followers of Sparky – George’s Dragon. His latest accident prone adventure is out now. Read how Sparky causes mayhem at the fire station – but can he redeem himself and make George proud? QWhat do you think?
I hope you enjoy the book, beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Russell Julian.

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Brady Petznick

Hello Brady,

Thank you for writing to me – I only received your letter a few days ago! You didn’t give your address so I can’t write back, but it was lovely to hear that you love my underpant books. I loved your cavemen drawings – thank you for sending them! In answer to your question – my new book MONSTERS LOVE UNDERPANTS is due out this October. So watch out for your pants Brady! x

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Latest News

Hello everyone!

It is a very long time since I updated this site, so here is a little bit of news.
I’m very excited about a new book out very soon – called Top, Top Secret.It features Sid, a secret agent spy, who’s on a very exciting and dangerous mission to recover the King’s stolen ring. Don’t tell anyone – it’s hush hush!!!

I’m also writing a sequel to my book, Spider Sandwiches, called Dragon Jelly – it’s full of monster mayhem and whiffy fun. And if you enjoyed reading my book, George’s Dragon, there is another book recently out in the series called, George’s Dragon Goes To School. Well, who wouldn’t want to take their pet dragon to class?!

I hope you enjoy them – do write in and let me know!

Best wishes

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Yes me Hearties! You can now read all about those pants-loving pirates in paper back.


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Jack’s Alien

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This rhyming book is a must if you love suspense and hunting for Snortles! A book about how scary things aren’t always as scary as they seem, beautifully illustrated by the wonderfully talented Kate Hindley.

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The latest in the underpants series – Pirates Love Underpants. A daring tale of scallywag pirates and pants!

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Apologies to anyone who has emailed me recently and not received a reply. Something isn’t quite right with the website and messages aren’t getting through. I am trying to sort this out asap! Don’t you just love computers!?

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