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Hello Nicola

Thank you for writing to me about a sequel for Monstersaurus. I’m so glad your son enjoys my book. I’m sorry to say that no sequel is forthcoming, though I’d love to write more adventures for Monty and Monstersaurus. I shall have to badger my publisher!

Thanks again for contacting me!



16 Responses to “Monstersaurus”

  1. Matt Rice says:

    Hi Claire

    My 3 year old just asked me what we’re waiting for when I read the last page tonight. I said a sequel and if he was a good boy we’d get it for him. So your publisher just has to let you. It’s a cracking book.



  2. Mike Rowan says:

    Please please bring out book 2 – my boys favourite book and he keeps nagging me to get him book 2

  3. Nicki says:

    I agree! Please can we have a sequel? Such great characters, brilliant pictures and my 3 ¾ son adores it. Apparently, he’s Monty, his father is Monstasaurus and I’m Bogablog. Not offended in the slightest!

    Seriously lovely book, hope the ideas for the sequel flow freely! X

    • Claire says:

      Dear Nicki and Mike
      Huge apologies for the delay in replying but my website has not been fully working. So glad you enjoy reading Monstersaurus. Unfortunately there is no sequel planned at present – I need to persuade my publishers otherwise!!

  4. Mandy Holten says:

    We really want a Monstersaurus 2!

  5. Claire Whitaker says:

    My 3 year old also loves this book and would love a sequel, fingers crossed the publishers agree

    • Claire says:

      Hi Claire

      Thank you so much – I will try and present your comments and those of the other lovely Monstersaurus fans and see what happens!

      Thanks again for your support.

      Claire x

  6. Jonny says:

    I have a two year old and monstersaurus has always been one of his (and mine!) favourite books. Please get those publishers to let you do a sequel. I always feel a little sad reading the last page knowing there are no more adventures for the pair!

    • Claire says:

      Thank you for your message. I’d really love to write a sequel, but unfortunately, as it’s some time since I first wrote this book, I really don’t think I’ll get the opportunity. Maybe you and your son could make up your own adventures for Monty and Monstersaurus?
      Very best wishes

  7. Lauren Cundy says:

    Do you think if i showed your publisher a video of my 2 year old reciting it they would reconsider? ?:-)

  8. Rachel says:

    We really do need a sequal to monstersaurus.! My older boy loved it now my 2 year old is obsessed with it.!
    Thank you for your fab book it’s teaching my boy new words too.


    • Claire says:

      Hi Rachel

      Thanks so much for contacting me. I’m delighted that both your boys enjoy Monstersaurus. Perhaps my publishers will agree to a sequel. I have lots of great ideas for Monty and Monstersaurus!
      Thanks again,

  9. Steve Halls says:


    Another great fan of monstersaurus here! Reading to my two kids tonight and again they asked when we can find out what adventures monty and monstersaurus will get up to!

    Another vote here to badger your publisher 🙂

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