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My latest book is called Oliver and Patch.
When Oliver finds a little lost dog called Patch, he makes his first friend in the big new city. The trouble is, he knows that someone, somehere will be missing him. It’s stunningly illustrated by the very talented Kate Hindley, in a beautiful palette of colours. Hope you enjoy reading it!

10 Responses to “OLIVER AND PATCH!!!”

  1. […] lonely even when you’re not alone: Oliver and Patch (Picture Book by Claire Freedman, 2015) Oliver, feeling alone in a big city sets out to find the […]

  2. class 2SJ says:

    Hi Claire! We have just spent a whole term studying your book ‘Oliver and Patch’! We really enjoyed the story and our favourite part was when they celebrated with an ice cream sundae! We would like to know how long did it take you to write Oliver and Patch? We hope to hear back from you soon, thank you
    Class 2SJ

    • Claire says:

      Hello Class 2SJ

      Thank you for asking? It took me about a week to write this book, but after that I re-visited the story and changed quite a bit. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. And watch out for the sequel to the story – hopefully out next year. Patch will be back!

      Thanks again for taking the trouble to write a comment.
      Very best wishes

  3. Class 2G says:

    Hello Claire,
    We have also spent a term reading and enjoying your book ‘Oliver and Patch’. Our favourite part was when Oliver met his new friend Ruby, because he hadn’t lost a friend, he had made a new one. We would like to know why did you write about a boy called Oliver finding a dog called Patch? We hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you

    Class 2G

  4. claire freedman says:

    Thank you for writing in. I’m glad you enjoyed reading Oliver and Patch. I wrote this book after seeing a picture of a little dog that looked lost in a busy street. It was such a cute looking dog, that it tugged my heart and I began asking questions ‘how did he get lost’ ‘who did he belong too’. The story evolved from there.

    I hope that you continue to enjoy the book and thanks again for contacting me.
    Best wishes

  5. Class 2S says:

    Hi Claire! We are a year 2 class and we loved reading Oliver and Patch. Our favourite part of the book was when they went for an ice-cream sundae. What is your favourite book? When did you write your first book? We would love it if you could reply to us! We hope to hear from you soon. Class 2S.

  6. Max and kaleb says:

    Hi claire ,
    Our name is max and kaleb
    I like football and Dt I like your books
    especially Oliver and patch . When did you write books?
    What did you write with?

  7. Class 2N says:

    Dear Claire,
    We have been reading Oliver and Patch, as well as a few of your other books- we have loved them! Our favorite part of Oliver and Patch was when Oliver and Ruby made friends. We were wondering as a class (funny question!) do you have lovely handwriting?
    Thankyou, we hope to hear from you soon!
    Class 2N xo

  8. Class 2S says:

    Hi Claire our names are Jake and Brayden we loved reading your book Oliver and Patch it was interesting.what was your first ever book that you wrote?When are you going to make a fun new book? Our favourite part of the book is where they have a ice-cream sundae.

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