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Thank you to all the schools that have contacted me recently to ask if I could come and visit you all. It’s wonderful to hear how excited you all are about reading. Unfortunately I have been overwhelmed with requests for Spring 2015 and, sadly,can no longer accept any more invitations at this moment. I need time to write some more books for all you lovely boys and girls to read!
Thank you everyone!

2 Responses to “SCHOOL VISITS!!”

  1. nAOMI Wood says:

    Hi Claire,
    Are you doing visits now?
    Naomi Wood

  2. Anne Boone says:

    Greetings from the International School of Amsterdam. We know that you are much in demand for speaking engagements…but in the off chance that you are enticed by a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands- the land of windmills and tulips- to visit our lovely international school we would love to extend an invitation. All instruction is in english and the groups that you would see would be the early childhood and primary grades. We are big fans of your books…especially anything with Underpants in the title!

    Every year we celebrate Book Week which will occur this year from October 16th through the 20th. The students participate in dress up book parades, meet with guest authors, listen to great storytellers, participate in creative visual arts, listen to mystery readers, and have an all out lovely time celebrating a love of books and reading.

    Would you happen to have availability for 3 days that week? Could we entice you with a promise of a lovely hotel, plane flight, meals, loads of Split Pea Soup (known here as Snert), stroopwaffels, and well behaved children? No promises on the weather…October can be dodgy in Amsterdam!

    Please let us know if the offer appeals to you and what your pricing might be. We had American author Jeff Mack last year and British author Paul Stickland the year before. They proclaimed us one of the best school they had ever visited and would be happy to talk with you about our unique approach to education.

    Warm Regards from beautiful Amsterdam,
    Anne Boone
    EC Librarian

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